So Should You Use Bootstrap In 2020

The short answer is it depends. When it comes to frontend development bootsrap can save you a lot of time but if you want to develop your frontend skills bootsrap can’t save your day.


Every one’s opinion defers when it comes to front end frameworks some people love those and others hate them. Its not like learning a language or a skill but mostly I often refer to the docs. Boostrap is very easy to learn and its pretty good for people who doesn’t want to spend lot of time on css.You can customize boostrap other wise it will be looking like other bootsrap web pages.

So Bro What About Bootsrap 5?

K so bootsrap 5 is now in a alpha stage it dosnt make any issue when u switch to boostrap 5 but its good for widgit js.

Jquery Is It Disappearing?

The Short answer is yes jquery is fainting out and mostly no one uses jquery now a days.

Bro What About My Css Skills

You can improve your css skill by doing different challenges such as try [Challenge]

Everything Is AWESOME


Every Framework has its own pros and cons

Keep Coding !!!

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